Wildflower Season is Here

Wildflower Season is Here

The heat of summer is here which means it's officially wildflower season here in Colorado. Sprouting up on mountainsides and dotted along trails, these colorful blooms light up any day. 

Colorado is home to over 100 different types of wildflowers. In July and August, higher elevations are bursting with color. In the late spring and early summer, lower elevations will be sprinkled with colorful wildflowers. 

Common Colorado Wildflowers 

Blue Columbine 

Blue Bell

Rocky Mountain Bee Plant 

Indian Paintbrush 

Where to See Wildflowers  

Crested Butte: Known as the Wildflower Capital of Colorado for its sprawling fields of colorful flowers. Crested Butte also hosts the Wildflower Festival that starts July 9th and goes until July 18th. 

Mountain biking Trail 401: This trail offers an otherworldly experience in Crested Butte. The colorful blooms tower over your head and there are flowers exploding all over the place. 

Indian Peak Wilderness Area: Located near Nederland there’s an abundance of trails that weave through forests and meadows and you’re guaranteed to see some wildflowers. 

Pawnee Buttes: Located in the Easter Plains of Colorado, wildflowers bloom earlier in the year, in May or June and there are more desert and prairie wildflowers. 

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