Colorado Animal Friendly Bars and Breweries

Colorado Animal Friendly Bars and Breweries

Colorado is one of the most tolerant states when it comes to furry friends in public spaces. There are dozens of bars and breweries all throughout Colorado that allow the customer to enjoy the brews with their pup. Always remember to keep your dogs on a leash, popular destinations such as these will have lots of furry friends hanging out on the weekends.

Colorado Springs has 165 pet friendly bars and breweries. 

Colorado Springs

  1. Pub Dog- Colorado’s first and only dog-approved eatery and outdoor play park. Fenced in area for the dogs to play while the humans eat and pup only menu. 

  2. Storybook Brewing- pups are allowed outside whenever the weather is nice. 

  3. Manitou Brewing Company- tucked off the main drag in Manitou Springs, pups are allowed on the patio and each pupper is provided a dog bowl and lots of pets.

There are 275 bars and breweries in Denver that allow pets. 


  1. Watering Bowl- half dog park, half tavern, fully fenced in dog park. Enjoy a brew and bite for yourself or have your pets birthday party, ‘bark’ mitzvah or wedding in this space. 

  2. Lowry Beer Garden- charming outdoor space with pet friendly picnic tables. 

  3. Blue Moon Brewing- enjoy these famous brews while pups are allowed on the patio whenever the weather is nice. 

Boulder has 74 pet friendly bars and breweries. 


  1. Avery Brewing Company- serving cold craft beers and tasty bites, pets are allowed on the patio. 

  2. Roadhouse Boulder Depot- Boulder icon since 1957, dogs are allowed at any of the sidewalk tables. 

  3. Hungry Toad- local favorite with eight dog friendly tables 

There are 14 bars and breweries in Steamboat Springs that allow pets. 

Steamboat Springs

  1. Storm Peak Brewing Company- pets can enjoy treats and water while humans enjoy cold brews and bites from nearby restaurants. 

  2. Mountain Tap Brewery- pups can enjoy the outdoor patio all year round. 

  3. O’Neil’s Tavern & Grill- located in the heart of Steamboat, sip on the extensive whiskey or brew collection while your pup relaxes on the grass patio

Almost every city has their own unique, pet- friendly bars and breweries. Where will you bring your pup next?

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