Beginner Guide to Biking in the Winter

Beginner Guide to Biking in the Winter

Beginner Guide to Biking in the Winter 

Can you ride a bike in winter? Many people give up riding a bike at the first sight of snow, but they are missing out on a world of fun! Biking in the snow can actually burn more calories, as your body works to stay warm. When done safely, biking in the snow will allow for cycling year round. 

Top 10 Tips for Beginners

  1. Layer, layer, layer- you don’t want to be cold 
  2. Bring an extra pair of gloves and socks just in case 
  3. Wash or rinse your bike after every ride so dirt and grime don’t build up 
  4. Wear a ski helmet so your head stays warmer 
  5. Ski goggles make riding in the snow a breeze
  6. Bring lots of liquids- you can get dehydrated in the cold just as easily as the heat
  7. Fenders are a must to keeping slush off your bike
  8. Make sure you have a bike light, daylight is scarce in the winter months 
  9. Sunscreen is still a must. The sun's harmful UV rays are even more intense when reflected off the bright snow 
  10. Be conscious of black ice! Ride slow and steadily through it and you'll be just fine

When is it too cold to ride?

Fat biking is fun at any time in the Gunnison Valley, but those wide tires really come in handy when winter rolls around.

There’s no exact temperature that is too cold to ride. For many people if the temperature is below 50 degree fahrenheit then they won’t ride. Other people can withstand much cooler temps and choose to ride when it's below 32 degrees fahrenheit. We say use your best judgement if you think it’s too cold to ride. Always make sure you are well prepared with lots of extra layers and water or snacks.

Burn some extra calories

Photo by Teejadventures on Instagram

Biking in the snow is exhilarating. The feel of the icy wind ripping against your skin and your tires gliding over the frozen ground creates a moment of peace and solitude for the rider. Less people are out biking usually which means you have the freedom to cruise. One of the greatest benefits of biking in winter is that the rider actually burns more calories. As your body struggles to keep you warm while you exercise, you actually burn more calories. You get stronger and build more muscle endurance.

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